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Marble Surface

What we guarantee

We can guarantee that any product used on our customers vehicles is not only used on our very own cars but is of the highest quality.


At Mike's Auto Detailing we are completely mobile and self sufficient. We believe this is best because we don’t waste our customers time. No more dropping your car off and leaving it there overnight. The worst thing is to have to worry about your car when it’s getting cleaned. We pride ourselves on being personable, flexible, and available on not weeks in advance but days. 


We are very proud to say that we offer some of the best ceramic coatings available and they can be applied right in your garage. We also offer paint correction anywhere you need it and without a hassle. No more waiting for your vehicle to be coated at a shop. You can even watch from the comfort of your own home.


We are primarily an estimate based business. We do this in order to keep our service personalized and professional.


The process starts by booking a appointment via the website or contacting us. We also take appointment through social networking. Once one of our highly skilled detailers meets you, they will give you an estimate including pictures and a detailed invoice for your detail. This only makes sense for us considering we are all about the details!!


We believe that trust is everything and that trust is signified by handing the keys over to us and it is our passion to bind that trust by over delivering an amazing service.

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